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Indiana is back at it again with regulations on the vape industry. Some of the legislation is great news for the vape community here in the state! State Bill 1 was recently introduced to overhaul the monopolistic eLiquid law that went into effect back in July 2016. This is huge for the state, and fingers crossed, the amendments will go into effect. However, some of the new legislation introduced in Indiana will upset many individuals….especially the 18-20 year olds. On the federal level, legislation is being introduced that will save the entire vape industry, if enacted into law! H.R. 1136 has been introduced, which will grandfather vapor products created after February 15th, 2007 and before August 8th, 2018, into the market. On top of that, the goal of the bill is to make the approval process easier for new and existing companies to be able to release products into the market. So let’s start with the good legislation in Indiana. Senate Bill 1, which is a complete overhaul of House Bill 1432, the law that destroyed the eLiquid industry in Indiana, has been introduced to the Senate. So far, there has been an 8-1 vote in favor of the bill, which is great news. Essentially, the goal of SB 1 is to remove the outrageous security requirements for eLiquid manufactures, remove renewal applications for those manufactures that were approved in 2016, and ensure that the FDA has sole jurisdiction to enforce manufactures to comply with federal laws. What this means is shops in Indiana will be able to carry manufactures that were unable to obtain a license in Indiana, as well as the consumers at home! Most major eLiquid manufactures are already compliant with the federal regulations, so the selection of juice in Indiana will expand ten fold! The bill still has a long road ahead in order to become law. SB 1 still needs to pass the House of Representatives, and then Governor Holcomb needs to sign it into law. The bad news for Indiana is that the state is trying to raise the tobacco consumption age to 21, which includes vaporizers. HB 1578 was introduced in late January and voted on by the House in early February. It still has to go through the Senate’s approval, and then ultimately the Governors, but it does not seem like this bill is losing traction. I personally do not understand the logic behind the law. I understand that using tobacco products is not the healthiest of life choices, but after you turn 18, that should be your choice. I hate using this example, but, if you can fight in a war for our country, why shouldn’t you be able to vape? The worst part about this bill is adults between 18 & 20 will still be able to get their hands on these products via the black market, but they will not be able to go into a shop to become educated on them. This could lead to some major repercussions, including injury. Oh, and the state would not get their taxes because it was purchased on the black market illegally. Lastly, there is still hope for the industry as a whole on the federal level! HR 1136 was introduced to the House on February 16th, 2017 by Representatives Tom Cole and Sanford Bishop. The goal of this bill is to move the grandfather date of tobacco products, which stands at February 15th, 2007, to a much later date. If this date does not get changed, 99% of the vapor products will not be available after August 8th, 2018. If Representatives Cole and Bishop cannot get the predicate date changed, they will fight to let all the vapor products that were introduced before August 8th, 2018 be grandfathered into the market. Another aspect these representatives are fighting for is the approval process for manufactures to introduce new vapor products to the market after August 8th, 2018. After August 8th, 2018, it will be nearly impossible to introduce new products to the tobacco market without spending millions of dollars to get approved. HB 1136 is fighting to make this process more realistic for all manufactures to be able to introduce new products to the market. If this bill becomes law, it WILL SAVE THE VAPING INDUSTRY. If you want to get involved, visit www.cassaa .org. There are multiple platforms to contact your Representatives and Senators to urge them to support these bills. Let your voice be heard, and help save the vaping industry!