If you are more than a casual fan of the dynamic Northwest Indiana music scene and are not familiar with the band Stonewave, don’t be too hard on yourself. Although I felt more than a little bit embarrassed because I am more than just a casual fan of local music myself, I wasn’t familiar with the group either.
But there are a couple of reasons why you may not be familiar with the group that may make forgiving yourself a little bit easier.
The first reason is that Stonewave hasn’t really played in Northwest Indiana venues all that much. You may have seen them occasionally at Goodfellas in Cedar Lake or Soprano’s in Griffith, but for the most part the group has been playing venues in the south Chicago suburbs like Orland Park, Oak Lawn and Tinley Park.
The second reason is that Stonewave hasn’t really played anywhere at all for the better part of the year due to a motorcycle accident that sidelined one of the band’s members.
A third reason may be the fact that Stonewave has only been together as a band for four years this past December. So give yourself a break, nobody is perfect. But no matter, you will become more and more familiar with Stonewave in the very near future as the group turns their attention to the Northwest Indiana music scene.
The four members of Stonewave are Roger Lange (guitar and vocals), Jon Husiar (guitar), Brian Gulley (bass) and Dave Currier (drums).
The group was originally formed quite by accident. In 2012 Roger Lange answered an ad by a band looking for a vocalist, and Jon Husiar was the guitarist in the band.
But Husiar and Lange hit it off and began writing songs together. And later that year Currier joined the group and Stonewave was born.
“In 2012 I answered an ad for a band that was looking for a vocalist,” said Lange. “Jon was playing with Kevin Cox at the time, and then Kevin ended up leaving the group for another band.”
“But Jon and I really hit it off and so we started writing songs together. Later on that year Dave joined us,” continued Lange. “So in December of 2012 we recorded our first album, “Stonewave”, an album of the tunes we wrote that also had a lot of songs written by Dave.”
The group plays a mix of 80% original tunes and 20% of cover music. The cover music Stonewave is a variety of tunes from the 1970’s, the 1990’s and the 2000’s. But virtually any set the band plays will feature original music.
“Aerosmith meets Pearl Jam is the way I would describe the music we play,” said Lange. “We play with a grunge edge that is combined with old school rock and roll.”
The band is together and playing strictly for the fun that they have playing music together; they all have regular jobs and families so they only get out and play gigs a couple of times a month.
“We have fun together,” said Lange. “We don’t argue, we’re all on the same page musically, and we’re seasoned enough that we don’t second guess each other. We enjoy playing with each other. We want to take it further, but we aren’t in it for the money.”
The band has actually has released a new record, and the original date of the CD release party was scheduled for April, but due to an unfortunate set of circumstances, the release party had to be delayed.
“We had been writing new songs, and the record was done,” said Lange. “Then in April, on the night we were going to release the record, I had a motorcycle accident.”
“I broke some ribs and my collarbone so instead of going to a release party, I had to call the guys and tell them I was going to be laid up. And with my collarbone broken, I couldn’t wear a guitar strap so there was no way I could play. So we had to push back the release party.”
But Lange is healed and back in the saddle, and the group is planning to have a CD release party for the new record “Here We Go”, at Soprano’s in Griffith on January 21st at 9:00 pm.
“The last two and a half months we have been rehearsing for 2017,” said Lange. “And the new album has no slow songs. “Here We Go” is an up tempo record, from start to finish.”
“I really like playing Soprano’s. They have remodeled how the stage is set up and it’s really nice. We always bring in a good crowd, but I invite everyone who may not have heard us to come in and see us play.”
“We’re gonna try our hardest to get you movin’ and groovin’,” continued Lange. “We’re not there for ourselves, we’re there for the audience. We enjoy getting solid feedback from our audience and the only way to do that is to put in a 110% effort.”
“We’re doing it for the good time and the music, but we put our hearts in it, and for the most part, it’s been pretty good. I’m proud, we’re proud, of what we’ve done.”
Interested fans can learn more about Stonewave by visiting their website, www.stonewaveband.com or by visiting their Facebook page.
Both records by the group are available on ITunes, CD Baby and Amazon. And for those who prefer a hard copy CD, you can contact the band through their Facebook page and get one sent out to you by traditional mail.
Soprano’s Lounge is located at 840 South Broad Street in Griffith.