All too often I hear these three statement; “Vaping is worse than smoking cigarettes.”, “Vaping gives you popcorn lung!”, and ”Vaporizers explode in your face.” Nevertheless, is there any truth in them?

Before we get into it, let me state that I am by no means a medical physician. I have not personally conducted sample studies linking positive OR negative health effects vaporizers have on the human body. However, I have worked in the industry for over two years, I have vaped regularly for the past three years, and I have not touched a cigarette since I switched to vaping. I know the effects it has had on me personally, and I have seen the results it has had on individuals that have made the switch from traditional tobacco to personal vaporizers. Now to get back to it… is vaping bad for you? Well, that question isn’t a simple yes or no. Vaping, in my honest opinion, compared to combustible tobacco, is a much healthier alternative. When using a vaporizer, or e-cig, correctly, you are heating a liquid into vapor. There is no combustion or burning of any sort. What this means is you are eliminating all of the carcinogens and tar associated with cigarettes when delivering nicotine into your body. You are still inhaling a substance into your lungs, however, that substance is easily broken down and filtered out. What about nicotine, doesn’t it cause cancer? There are no medical studies that link isolated nicotine directly to cancer. Nicotine is more like caffeine. It’s a stimulant. It’s addictive. In very high concentration, it’s not going to be good for you. But, in moderation, it’s not going to have terrible health effects on your body. And that’s the beauty about vaping. You can control how much nicotine is in your vape! Another misconception about vaping is that is causes popcorn lung. Well, truth is, it doesn’t. Popcorn lung, or bronchiolitis obliterans, is a disease that blocks the smallest airways of the lungs due to inflammation. This disease was directly linked to a chemical that is found in artificial butter flavor used in most popcorns, hence the nickname. In 2014, a study was conducted to find that some sweet eliquids carried diacetyl. The major media picked up this story as soon as they could with the headline, “Vaping causes popcorn lung!” Without looking into the articles, the public took it as truth. What these news outlets did not tell you was the amount of diacetyl found in certain liquids was 100 times less than the amount of diacetyl found in a SINGLE cigarette, and cigarettes have never been linked to popcorn lung. Since the scare back in 2014, most major eLiquid manufactures have removed diacetyl from their liquids completely, just to be on the safe side. Well if vaping isn’t that bad for your health, and it doesn’t cause popcorn lung, they still blow up, right? Well, that comes down to battery safety. Vaporizes use high drain lithium ion batteries that can safely discharge their amperage rating. Not all lithium ion batteries are created equal!! They all have different amperage ratings, and it is VITAL to use batteries rated for a high continuous discharge. For example, if a battery is rated at a 5 amp continuous discharge, you don’t want to discharge 100 amps at a time. This can cause the battery to fail catastrophically, resulting in a battery venting out its chemical compounds, sometimes ending in an explosion. However, most new devices, whether they are a starter kit or high-end advanced vaporizer, have regulated power. They have a chip, or circuit board, that dictates how much amperage they are allowed to pull from the batteries. They have built in fail-safes, so even in the most inexperienced hands they can be used safely. Essentially, the stories you see on the news are the end user not using their batteries safely. Most of the accidents I have seen on the news are from two types of situations. Either the end user puts their batteries in their pocket with change, which causes a dead short, resulting in explosion, or they are using an unregulated device incorrectly, over-discharging the battery cell until there is an explosion. BOTH OF THESE SITUATIONS ARE 100% PREVENTABLE! We use lithium ion batteries every day in our cell phones. When you properly care for them, they are one of the safest batteries on the market. At Vaporz Vault, and most other reputable vape shops, we preach battery safety. We are in the industry to help you on your choice to life a healthier life-style, and we want you to be as safe as possible as you do. If you want to learn more about vaporizers, how to care for them, and how to use them properly, go to a reputable, dedicated vape shop! They’re not just there to sell you things. They are there to help you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. If you cannot make it into a shop and you’re still interested to read up on literature and research, check out

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