But most people have never played “Naughty Bingo”. And just what is Naughty Bingo? Yes, Naughty Bingo is just what you’re thinking it might be: Adult, sexy, and most of all – FUN! And it isn’t played like normal Bingo with numbers; it’s played with words – naughty words! Confused? Of course you are; I know I was. Where do you play Naughty Bingo? How do you play Naughty Bingo? Who plays Naughty Bingo? Who or what organization runs Naughty Bingo? And probably most important of all, why do you play Naughty Bingo?
Beside the obvious adult fun the name implies, people play Naughty Bingo to win “Naughty Bucks”, bucks that they can then use to buy adult products like lotions, body sprays, lubricants, lingerie, edible lotions, and adult toys.
The people who play Naughty Bingo are people just like you: women, men and couples who want to spice up their love life. Normal people who recognize that intimacy and romance with their lovers can be spurred on to greater heights by the introduction of something different in the form of massage oils and body rubs, sexy lingerie and adult toys. And Naughty Bingo is not just a Calumet Region twist on romance; Naughty Bingo is a nationwide phenomena created by a company called Surprise Parties. And parties are where you play Naughty Bingo; either in a public setting or in a private party setting in someone’s home.
The local representative for Surprise Parties is Crystal Blankenship, who has operated Naughty Bingo parties under the name Surprise Parties by Crystal B. for the last seven years. And Crystal is hosting a Naughty Bingo party at Flo’s Kenwood Tap in the Hessville section of Hammond on Saturday, February 11th from 7:00 to 10:00 pm. “I was looking for a place to hold a public party,” said Blankenship. “And I’m friends with Flo at Kenwood Tap and she said I could use the large room that they have for the party. And since its right before Valentine’s Day, I really expect a great turnout.” The way Naughty Bingo works is each participant is given two Naughty Bingo cards for a set of ten games. But instead of numbers on the cards, the cards have words; naturally adult words.
And when someone wins a game, they are given Naughty Bucks that they can use at the end of the night towards the purchase of the adult products that are all on display at the party; so players who win can use their Naughty Bucks to purchase the product of their choice and take it home with them that night. And for those players that are not lucky enough to win Naughty Bucks, they can still purchase the product that catches their eye, and can take it home with that night. (Cash or credit card – No checks!) “It’s a really fun night,” said Blankenship. “As I call out the various words during the course of the game, I will make references to some of the products. But also when I say certain words, all the players are supposed to respond.”
“For example, like when I say ‘orgasm’, all of the players are supposed to moan. When I say ‘vibrator’, everyone is supposed to make a buzzing sound. And when I say pleasure, everyone is supposed to yell, ‘me’!” laughed Blankenship.
In addition to the Naughty Bingo cards each player receives they also receive an envelope with a copy of the Naughty Bingo rules as well as coupons and specials. And for those who may be a bit more demure than others and might feel awkward purchasing adult products in a public setting, each envelope also contains a catalog of Surprise Parties products so you can shop privately at Blankenship’s web store: www.crystalblankenship.surpriseparties.com. There will also be door prizes, and two Valentine’s Day Naughty Baskets will be raffled off as well as two tickets to an all male revue.

Tickets are $20 in advance of the party, or you can get two tickets for $35. Tickets are $25 each at the door. There is a two drink minimum at the party.

You can buy tickets by visiting Blankenship’s Facebook page: Surprise Parties by Crystal B., or by calling 219-689-4481.
Fear not if you are unable to make the party at Flo’s Kenwood Tap, because most parties are held in private homes anyway. And someone who hosts a home party receives a free gift for hosting as well as a 10% share of all the sales from the party. “Valentine’s Day is the biggest day of the year for our company and if you come to the party you can win something to enjoy with your lover,” said Blankenship. “And for men, there is no need to go shopping for Valentine’s Day because if you come to the party everything is right there in front of you.” “And our products are not just lingerie and adult toys; it’s a way to turn a spark into a flame!” If you are interested in hosting a party at your home you can call Crystal Blankenship at 219-689-4481 or you can e-mail her at crystals_surprise@hotmail.com. Flo’s Kenwood Tap is located at 6247 Kennedy Avenue in Hammond, Indiana and the telephone number is 219-844-9766.

Chris Lannin can be e-mailed at clans07@gmail.com.